Subway Refutes Report Claiming Chicken Is Only 50% Chicken

The fast-food restaurant chains are constantly coming under scrutiny for their treatment of animals and additives added to the meat. Recently, people were shocked after reading a report from Canadian Broadcasting Corp. In the Marketplace program, chicken meat and strips from several fast-food chains were tested to find out the percentage of chicken DNA. The laboratories tested to find out the proportion of chicken DNA and plant-based DNA. According to the CBC’s report, chicken from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Tim Hortons had 85% to 90% of chicken DNA. However, the chicken meat samples from Subway had about 50% chicken DNA and 50% plant DNA.

Subway released a report stating that the CBC’s report is 100% wrong. Subway claims that it uses 100% white meat chicken which is flavored using soy protein additives. The total of soy protein content is less than 1% and it is added to keep the meat moist and flavorful. Subway Canada refuted the claim as it argued that test results from two different laboratories aligned with the food standards and the quality promise of Subway.

According to CBC news, Trent University’s Wildlife forensic DNA laboratory conducted the testing on different chicken samples from the fast food restaurants. After the first round of tests showed 50% chicken in Subway meat, laboratory conducted another round of tests from different Subway samples of chicken meat and strips. The repeated test also showed about 50% chicken DNA and another 50% Soy Protein in the chicken meat and strips. Even after Subway’s report, the CBC announced that it stands by its report.

Subway announced that the independent test laboratories of Maxxam Analytics, Canada, and Elisa Technologies Inc, Florida were used for testing their chicken samples. A single supplier is responsible for providing chicken meat to different subway outlets in Canada while another supplier is used in the USA. Suzanne Greco, CEO and President of Subway Canada claimed that the flawed test by Marketplace is a great disservice to the customers of Subway. Greco assured that Subway always focuses on delivering safe and high-quality food to the customers.

Dave Theno, Chief of Food Safety and Quality said that the Subway chicken has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. He argued that the company performs numerous tests for several years to ensure high quality of chicken meat and the results claimed by the program were never experienced. The less than 1% soy protein is used in spices, seasonings, and marinade that are used to enhance the flavor of the meat and also to keep it moist for the customers.

Even though Subway called the CBC report to be false and misleading, CBC assured that the chicken samples for the test were acquired from various outlets in Southern Ontario. It also concluded that the DNA test is not meant to reveal the amount of chicken, but it is a clear indication of the proportion of the chicken DNA. CBC has not released the method of testing or other findings. It has only released its conclusions and results.

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