Felonious Wells Fargo Executives Remain Uncharged


The Wells Fargo scandal continues to grow in the national spotlight to the extent that they themselves have admitted to more than two million felony acts and yet not a single charge has been filed against them. Not one body has been arrested or even handcuffed for these self admitted crimes.

What has occurred to date is more than 5,100 employees have lost their jobs.

Customers were personally addressed this past weekend for the first time. However, the only ones that will be able to make not of this are those that happened to sign onto the Wells Fargo website.

Executives who began the scamming process continue to draw their full wages, continue to work their regular hours, and continue to live life as if they have not done anything wrong.

In a written statement from Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf he admits to failing to fulfil his job responsibilities. Even with this written admission he remains on payroll unlike the 5,100 others.

Another part of the Stumpf statement he addresses the new policy of which the staff of Wells Fargo will notify its customers via email when new accounts are opened. Yet previously it was proven and determined that many of the more than two million fraudulent accounts and credit cards also had fraudulent emails not made by the customer attached to them.

Here are a couple of questions that remain unanswered by John Stumpf’s new policy.

  • For the emailed notice that is to be sent to customers, are these emails being verified?
  • Of the accounts that were fraudulently made many had fictitious email accounts. Does the new policy simply have notice being sent to the fictitious email?
  • How is this changing the potential of fraudulently made accounts?
  • How is this actually helping protect the identities of the customers?

Wells Fargo customers, as of Monday October 3, are still finding themselves the victim of the accounts discovered, some known and unwanted and some unknown. The people and families often are still unaware of the issues that are being caused until fees or fines are charged.

The reports from Stumpf and others all claim that they are working with customers to reverse the negative effects and charges have been yet to be seen or proven.

Members of a Kansas branch of Wells Fargo, who wish to remain unnamed at this time, have seen the opposite. We will simply call them Ms. Kansas.

When Ms. Kansas logged onto her online banking accounts on October 1 she found one account in the negative because of fees that had been imposed prior to the release of her monthly statement on that account.

She immediately called the bank to discover what and how had created the negative balance only to be told it was a monthly fee that she was receiving for not meeting standards in which to reverse the fee.

This was due to the monthly transfer that Wells Fargo required had not occurred. An email from the bank stated that they were cancelling this transfer a few days prior. Ms. Kansas had not checked for such an email prior to the negative as she was unaware of it coming.

Wells Fargo refused to close this unwanted account unless the negative balance was first rectified. Ms. Kansas had no choice but to pay these fees in order to prevent herself from receiving even more bank charges.

Ms. Kansas told us that she is preparing her financial records and statements to take her all of her business elsewhere but is now leary as to whom to believe or where she should look first.

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