Congress Doesn’t Care About Your Paid Leave


Paid leave which can be anything from a sick day to maternity leave seems to be an important issue to everyone with the exception of Congress in the days of late. President Barack Obama has been urging them members of the Republican Congress to finally act for the American people but continues to have little to no luck.

The matter of paid leave has been a part of both presidential candidates platforms as the presidential election nears.

The Trump campaign had him joined by his daughter Ivanka in a thirty second ad. #AmericaFirst was born and further clarified in a tweet from Donald Trump’s Twitter account that stated #AmericaFirst means that family should come first. He then went on to describe his proposed child care plan and that it calls for tax deductible child care and up to six weeks of paid maternity leave.

Clinton campaign is similar in nature. Hillary Clinton states no more than ten percent of income is to be spent on the child care front and calls for twelve weeks of paid medical and maternity leave.

Employees of the federal government are in a different class than those that perform the exact same work only having a different employer. According to the Department of Labor the federal government is requiring all their contractors to include up to seven paid days of leave to each and every employee. This will affect all contracts that begin on or after January 1, 2017.

Congress has yet to act even after President Obama called them out but the same is not to be said of the Danny Meyer’s Company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a mere 5% of the entire restaurant industry currently offers any form of paid leave to its employees.

The same restaurant industry also ranks the lowest in terms of overall benefits as well. Statistics currently have only 20% that offer their employees such benefits.

The more than 1,800 employees that are fortunate to work at one of the Danny Meyer’s establishments which include the Gramercy Tavern, Blue Smoke, Union Square Café, and the Union Square Hospitality Group are no longer to be part of those low statistical numbers beginning in 2017.

The new Danny Meyer policy will allow for weeks one through four following the birth or adoption of a child to include rates of pay to be at 100%. The next four weeks will allow pay at 60%.

Jerry Brown, governor of California, recently vetoed the latest bill Hannah-Beth Jackson introduced also covering paid medical leave. Jackson’s bill was attempting to have companies with twenty or fewer employees to have the same benefits as those who are employed by larger companies.

Those companies having more than fifty employees will continue to be mandated to offer leave in California. All California employees will also still be guaranteed the six weeks in which they are paid up to 70% of wages.

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