Beautifying In A Salon

by admin on January 27, 2015

When you go to a salon, you probably go to relax from a long day or as a treat to yourself. There are gift certificates that you can purchase for others to use as well. There are some common services offered by salons that can put you in refreshed state of mind. One of the things that salons commonly do is cut and style hair. Most of the people who work at salons know of the latest styles.

Other services that a Portland, OR Salon usually offers involve the nails. You can get a manicure or pedicure so that the natural beauty of your nails shines through. The technicians can apply gel or acrylic nails or tips to your fingers. Your fingernails and toenails can be painted in almost any color you can think of, and most technicians can create designs on the nails. Waxing is another service that is offered. You can et your eyebrows waxed as well as your legs, arms or bikini area. Some larger salons offer massage services. The services that are offered in salons are usually in separate areas of the building so that you aren’t in the way of others who are getting something different done at the same time.



Making Conferences Connect

January 27, 2015

There are conferences that are held all over the United States. Some conferences go extremely well and others do not. While there are numerous reasons for this, it can help the organizers of a conference to be sure that people connect with each other. Badges that Matter It can be hard for many people to […]

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My Daughter’s 7th Birthday

January 21, 2015

My daughter Yena just turned 7 last week. Her only request for her birthday was a frozen themed party, and she should be wearing an Elsa gown. So starting January, that’s what I was so busy about. We started our reservations to the venue, cakes (which she particularly picked!), party clowns etc etc. We also […]

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Holidays 2014

January 21, 2015

I wonder where the holiday break went?! It’s already January and I haven’t update my blog for so long?! I wonder who’s missing me on blogosphere, but am still updating now to check if someone actually is. Hey there, the holiday break has brought me a lot of rest at home, we have stayed indoors […]

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Find Wholesale Jewelry for Your Business

January 2, 2015

No matter what type of business you have, you might find that you can make more money when you sell jewelry. Necklaces, earrings and other pieces appeal to both men and women and those shopping for themselves and for others. Offering a wider selection lets you appeal to more shoppers and may result in more […]

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Family Pictures

December 9, 2014

If there’s one thing i am always thankful to God, it’s my family. Thinking about them is like a sweet music to my ear, just like the music that’s being produced by the instruments you can find at I guess one thing that I will never get tired of doing is capturing how my […]

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Choosing A Gift Basket

November 30, 2014

When you start looking for a Christmas gift for your employer, you might not know what to get. The first thing to do is find out what your employer enjoys. A gift basket is an idea for those who seem to have everything. Try to incorporate a few different items in the basket to make […]

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