Open Letter to Ron Wicker of

by admin on September 19, 2014

I have been a publisher at for how many years now. When before i am one of those bloggers who would grab assignments left and right, get giddy with new email of writing opportunity – this has changed the last few years. Well, i have my hands full already with my three kids plus work. So i would write on my blogs when time and energy permit me.

When i find time to check opportunities i would log in to those paid blogging sites, yes one of them is linkworth. And then when i tried to logged in the other day, the site said that my account was currently on hold and that i have to contact admin support. So i did and here’s Ron Wicker’s reply;

“Niko, our terms prohibit you trying to sell around LinkWorth. Unfortunate for you, you did so with someone that values the services we provide more than dealing directly with a publisher site. Best of luck to you but we will no longer allow you to sell through our site.

Since i dont recall any “selling around” activity i replied back hoping for concrete answers. Here’s my email;

“I didn’t recall selling around linkworth. Can you give me proof on that?
In fact, I haven’t logged in on my account for a long time since you do not offer much opportunity for writing.
Anyway, what happens to my remaining balance at your site? Those were done assignments and I am not getting paid up to now.”

Well, Ron replied quickly;
“I researched further and you actually weren’t going around us, you were just trying to increase the price to an advertiser. I apologize for the incorrect data being put on your account.
Apparently you were asked to write a post and you declined saying you would do it for more. At first glance, it appears you were trying to sell direct, but even though you didn’t say it, you could have implied it. If you want prices higher, then you need to set the proper price and not decline people because of price. If you wish to not write a longer post request, just decline and say ‘no thank you’ and that doesn’t leave any speculation.
I’ve reactivated your account and just wanted to make sure you were treated fairly.
Let me know if you have any questions.”

Oh then i realized, the last time i logged in there was an opportunity to write for minimum 500 words for less than my blog’s rate so i declined the offer. Is that selling around?!!!

I Think about staying and let it pass but then i feel am treated so poorly. Put my account on hold without checking things and then apologize and then reactivate again? So i replied back to Ron;

“By deactivating my account without sending me a notice isn’t fair. I have been a member for how many years and i think i deserve at least an email if i have done something “illegal”. Asking for a rate increase isn’t selling around. I think the advertisers deserve to know so i left a comment. If they don’t like the idea, they can reply back. I think that’s why you guys created the comment section. Anyway, i have been extremely disappointed with the way you have treated a publisher like me. Thank you for reactivating my account, but i want my way out to be clean. To treat me fairly you can just send me my remaining balance and then deactivate my account.”

And here’s his sweet reply;
“I thought by re-reviewing your account and reactivating was being pretty fair. Your email was very borderline and easy to make mistake.
Well, I’m not going to debate this anymore. Account closed. Best of luck to you.”

Oh Ron, you think i still want to stay after what you did? Throw me away just like that?! Wow! I don’t wish to stay anymore!!! I wonder if you do things like this all the time.

Oh that remaining balance dont matter to me now. I just want other bloggers to know how sweet you treat publishers like us. Best of luck to you too and good riddance!!!



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