Turning 33

by admin on November 18, 2014

I plan to write a post of my life’s realization and what-nots now that am nearing my 33 years on this earth. The things am thankful for, where i was and where i am going, if this one life has been lived fully, and if i have fulfilled my mission as a person.

And when i close my eyes i can only think of one thing – my family. That’s what i am really thankful about. I have the best father and mother – we were not rich but my parents they have showered me with so much love. I will never forget their sacrifices to help me finish my school. I will never be who i am if not for their guidance and love.

Now that i have a family of my own, i realize the responsibility, the trials and hardships of raising three adorable kids but am also honored to be given the chance to be a mother to them. Being a mom is overwhelming with pride, happiness and joy. Yes it’s hard, double the effort and sacrifices but it’s all worth it. The road am leading though sometime bumpy and rough will always be worth the ride coz i have them for inspiration.

So wherever life will lead me, i will take the challenge heads on! No ifs and no buts, the forces of love and affection i am getting from my family is just so strong that i can do whatever it is to make them happy. I am proud to say, am 33 and am loving it. Happy Birthday to me :)




Stylish Clothing Finds at BiancaMac

November 3, 2014

When it comes to dressing well, modern women can turn to BiancaMac. Trendy clothing options are abundant here. Shoppers can find anything from patterned maxi dresses to essential accessories like scarves and jewelry sets. The BiancaMac Curve section features popular options such as palazzo pants, boho tanks and animal print tops. Skirts, dresses and peplum […]

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Not so New Look

October 22, 2014

My husband would usually tease me when i pose like this but since i am in the mood to tease him back i made this my profile picture in facebook. More of that photos soon on this blog. Hashtag GGSS, not.

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Excellent Sounding Power Amplifier

October 20, 2014

An online music store that has everything you need is Musician’s Friend. They have musical instruments and equipment including guitars, basses, amplifiers and effects, keyboards and MIDI, drums and percussion, live sound, DJ, microphones, recording, band and orchestra, folk instruments, accessories, and many others. If you want to buy a Crown XLS1500 DriveCore Series Power […]

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Microphone Preamplifier

October 20, 2014

The Maag Audio PREQ4 (500 Series) is a one channel microphone preamplifier with Air Band compatible with the API 500-6B lunchbox and 500VPR rack systems. It’s Preamp and DI combined and gives incomparable transparency and top end presence while maintaining the natural sound behind the microphone. Acoustic guitars and vocals shine through the PREQ4. Its […]

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Three Ways To Rejuvenate Your Little Black Dress

October 8, 2014

The little black dress is an absolute must-have in any woman’s closet! Little black dresses are timeless and are the perfect attire for both evening and cocktail dresses. The little black dress (also referred to as LBD) stems back to the 1920s, dreamed-up by the famous designers Coco Chanel and Jean Patou formed a dress […]

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Should Public Funding Go to Tattoo Removal for Rehab Centers?

October 7, 2014

It has long been said that in order for positive change to happen for someone who has been led down the wrong path, positive opportunities must exist. Based on this theory, many youth centers in areas with gang activity have made some unusual purchases in order to help give kids a different path. Some will […]

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